Amateur Radio in Munich

Munich Olympia Parc

For visitors it is easy to get active: Radio amateurs from many countries (whole EU, Australia, Canada, USA and some more) can simply operate their radio in Germany up to 3 months based on the CEPT license. They just have to carry the license from their home country. Radio amateurs from other “non CEPT countries” are required to apply for a guest license at the Bundesnetzagentur (Federal Network Agency). This should be done early before traveling to Germany, as the processing can take up to 4 weeks.

How to get connected…

Several amateur radio repeaters are active on VHF and UHF in Munich. Throughout the city these repeaters can be reached easily:

  • DB0EL FM on the Olympic Tower, TX: 439.275 (Shift -7.6 MHz, CTCSS 123 Hz)
  • DB0NJ DMR, TX: 439.4375 MHz (Shift -7.6 MHz). Timeslot 1 allows a dynamic talkgroup-allocation, however TG2628 (Bavaria) is assigned statically. Timeslot 2 should be used for regional (TG8) and local (TG9) connections only.
  • DB0TVM DMR, TX: 439.800 MHz (Shift -9.4 MHz). Timeslot 1 with dynamic talkgroup-allocation. Timeslot 2 should be used for regional (TG8 / TG 26283 Munich area) and local connections (TG9).

There is also a popular and frequently used FM repeater on the Zugspitze (100 km south of Munich, 2960 m above NN), covering large parts of Upper Bavaria and adjacent areas (Swabia and Tyrol):

  • DB0ZU/2, TX 145.725 (Shift -600 kHz, CTCSS 88.5 Hz)
  • DB0ZU/70: TX 438.850 (Shift -7.6 MHz, to be opened with as 1750 Hz burst-tone)

If you like to join a meeting…

There are several local sections of the DARC (Deutscher Amateur Radio Club) within the city of Munich and in the surrounding area. All these DARC sections usually organize an evening meeting once a month, where guests are always welcome. More information can be found on the webpages of the respective DARC section.

DARC sections in Munich:

DARC sections in the surrounding area:

Amateur radio shopping

Radio amateurs who come on visit to Munich often ask where they can find a local ham radio shop. Although there are many electronics stores in Munich, unfortunalety you will not find a dedicated shop for ham radio equipment here. However a good opportunity to buy equipment and meet radio amateurs from many countries is the trade fair “Ham Radio”, which usually takes place in July at Friedrichshafen close to the Lake Constance (150 km south-west of Munich).