Amateur Radio Homepage

Welcome to my shack!

Amateur radio (also called “Ham Radio”) is a friendly high-tech hobby that has got something fun for everyone. Radio amateurs use radio stations (transmitters and receivers) from their homes and outdoors to get in contact with other amateurs around the world, even complete strangers. They communicate with each other using morse code, voice or computers. About 3 million people troughout the world enjoy this hobby. In all countries amateur radio operators have to pass an examination to demonstrate technical knowledge, operating competence and awareness of legal and regulatory requirements. More about amateur radio at Wikipedia….

I have passed the amateur radio exam in 1975, and the callsign “DL5NO” has been assigned to me.

Amateur radio offers many possibilities. Radio amateurs may build transmitters, receivers and auxiliary devices for their own use without a certification of the equipment and operate the equipment in internationally allocated bands of the radio spectrum.[Within this framework many radio amateurs have their special preferences. My main interests are:

Within my webpages, I’d like to give some impressions of my activities as radio amateur.