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Georg, DL5NO

Amateur radio (also called "Ham Radio") is a friendly high-tech hobby that has got something fun for everyone. Radio amateurs use radio stations (transmitter and receiver) from their homes and outdoors to get in contact with other amateurs around the world, even complete strangers. They communicate with each other using morse code, voice or computers. About 3 million people troughout the world enjoy this hobby. In all countries amateur radio operators have to pass an examination to demonstrate technical knowledge, operating competence and awareness of legal and regulatory requirements. More about amateur radio at Wikipedia....

I have passed the amateur radio exam in 1975, and the callsign "DL5NO" has been assigned to me. Within my webpages, I'd like to present my activities as radio amateur.

DL5NO's logbook:


In most countries radio amateurs have to keep a log on their transmissions. My electronic logbook contains all connections (so called "QSOs") I have made on the shortwave bands. QSOs on VHF/UHF/SHF are not included.

Enter your (if you are also radio amateur) or any other callsign and find out, if I had a QSO with that station. The electronic logbook accepts complete callsigns only, no wildcards.

DL5NO's equipment:


Transceivers and antennas


Computers, software and accessories

DL5NO's special interests:


DL5NO is member of:

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German associations

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International associations

DL5NO's QSL cards:


Radio amateurs carry on the tradition of using a QSL card as a confirmation of a contact with another amateur radio station. A QSL card contains some basic information - the station's callsign, location, licensee's name and postal address and often details about the equipment (e.g. transmitter, power, antennas,...). It also includes details of the contact, the date, the time (usually in GMT), the radio frequency, the mode of transmission used and a signal report. Sometimes the QSL card shows a picture of the radio amateur's shack or home town.

I confirm every initial QSO with my QSL-card via the QSL-bureau. In addition, my log is uploaded to the "logbook of the world" (LOTW). The LOTW is a repository of logs, submitted by radio amateurs around the world. A QSL-report and the QSO/QSL statistics diagram shown below are generated daily by a self-developed software.


Sightseeing in DL5NO's surroundings:

Munich, the capital of Bavaria, Germany's southernmost state, is located in a superb landscape on the northern edge of the Alps. If you consider to travel to Munich, here you will find some more information and insider-tips for your sightseeing tour:

If you will be visiting Munich for holiday or for a business trip and you like to join a meeting of a local amateur radio club, just send me an EMail to get more tips. Here is yet an information about the guest license procedure for foreign radio amateurs.

Radio amateurs who come on visit to Munich often ask where they can find a local ham radio shop. There are many electronics stores in Munich, but unfortunately no dedicated shop for ham radio equipment.

DL5NOs antenna

Georg Einfalt
Hermann-Hesse-Str. 13
D-85551 Kirchheim b. München
EMail: georg@dl5no.de

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